Indonesian Waste Platform

Member since: 07/2020

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions

Indonesian Waste Platform

Indonesian Waste Platform (IWP) catalyses solutions for waste through national and international collaboration, innovation, and education. Waste is a multi-layered problem with no single solution and Indonesia is one of the largest contributors to marine plastic pollution. To drive lasting system-wide change, we believe in collaboration across geographies, sectors and communities in radically creative and people-centred ways. IWP’s main scope of work includes bridging top-down to bottom-up approaches, leading innovative projects on the ground, expanding the collection and recycling network as well as building capacities and promoting environmental education in Indonesian schools. IWP also co-founded the International Waste Platform.

We joined the PREVENT Waste Alliance in response to SDG17, to collaborate on waste management solutions and to support the development of Circular Economy in Indonesia through collaboration with other PREVENT members.

IWP supports Circular Economy development by lobbying for re-designing packaging and package labelling to increase collection and recyclability; engaging stakeholders in implementing waste legislation; disseminating the waste separation strategy of the Ministry of Environment & Forestry supporting circularity of materials; introducing environmental education (waste literacy) in schools.