Member since: 05/2022

Active in: WG Framework conditions


At ImplementaSur we assist public and private organisations in Latin America and the Caribbean to advance climate action. We identify and design appropriate climate change mitigation and adaptation actions and programs to develop strategies and implementation plans for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) through technical, economic and public policy analyses. In addition, we support companies in understanding what are the risks that climate change brings them, what strategies they can put in place to manage those risks and we help them in advancing their action plan through technology selection, business model structuring and facilitating access to climate financing.

We became a member because we believe that knowledge exchange and collaboration with international organisations can be a contribution to accelerate climate action in developing countries. Good practices and most appropriate technologies can be introduced into developing countries contexts as long as the right policy frameworks, financial conditions and capacities are in place. We want to be a facilitator for this process in order to help countries, cities and companies achieve their respective climate goals with the greatest ambition possible.

Circular economy needs to play a greater role in tackling climate change, however, in developing countries we’re still at the beginning of the road to see a paradigm shift on this matter. We aim at assisting organisations to accelerate this change through concrete applications implemented in the short term that bring them environmental performance improvements but also represent a value creation opportunity for their shareholders.