Hinckley Recycling

Member since: 06/2020

Active in: WG E-Waste


Hinckley Recycling

Hinckley is Nigeria’s first government approved ewaste recycler. We provide safe and responsible ewaste services nationwide with 4 collection centers and a recycling plant located in Lagos. Hinckley offers international best practice for the processing and management of ewaste and ensures downstream vendors are environmentally complaint. We pride ourselves on supporting local industry with raw materials and working with informal collectors to provide training and medical support.

We became a PREVENT Alliance member to benefit from the wealth of knowledge that is shared amongst the highly reputable members of the alliance. We wish to share ideas and experience from our work in Nigeria and hope to work on new projects with PREVENT members. Difficult objectives in complex environments can only be achieved through a highly skilled team and we believe the alliance can deliver this.

Circular economy for Hinckley means the reuse of all materials separated from the electrical appliances sourced in Nigeria and feeding them back into local industry or exporting complex fractions for safe processing in line with the Basel Convention.