Hamburg Institute for Innovation, Climate Protection and Circular Economy (HiiCCE)

Member since: 06/2020

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions

Hamburg Institute for Innovation, Climate Protection and Circular Economy (HiiCCE)

HiiCCE brings together the competences of Stadtreinigung Hamburg, the Circular Resource Engineering, Economy and Management (CREEM) working group at Hamburg University of Technology, and the former JOMA Umwelt-Beratungsgesellschaft. This collaboration bundles unique competence and decades-long experience in the areas of waste management, environmental consultancy and science. Furthermore, HiiCCE is supported by a high-calibre, ten-person Advisory Board whose renowned members contribute both diverse and profound expertise in the areas of climate protection and resource conservation – thus ensuring clients notably profit from HiiCCE in the long term.

On behalf of future generations, we have to steer our actions globally in such a way that waste is never even produced, and valuable resources can be used time and time again. The circular economy takes on a key role when it comes to sustainability answers to the global waste problem, by carefully using non-renewable raw materials and supporting sustainable climate protection. In this respect, HiiCCE sees waste and disposal management not only as part of the problem, but as a significant player most of all in the development of sustainable answers to global challenges.

The ambition of HiiCCE is to bundle scientific practice, technical know-how and operative powers and to act as a hub in such a way as to enable companies and firms, economic organisations and NGOs, as well as state governments and international organisations, to profit over the long term from a circular economy on a completely new level. We are redefining the circular economy for the market – with creative ideas and concepts, which aim for measurable and, at the same time, long-term results.