The GrowUp Incubator: Circular Impact for Tourism & Mobility

9. August 2022

The GrowUp Incubator: Circular Impact for Tourism & Mobility

Is your social business in the areas of sustainable tourism and mobility in East Africa? Are you struggling to transition to a circular economy and with communication both your environmental and social impacts to communities and partners? If this is you, Yunus Environment Hub encourages you to apply for the GrowUp Incubator Circular Impact cohort that is now open for applications.

The GrowUp Incubator by Yunus Environment Hub focuses on supporting and advancing innovative solutions that have the potential to create substantial environmental and social impact. It is providing key support to social business entrepreneurs in post-revenue stage. Incubatees of GrowUp will receive tailored mentorship based on their needs, interactive capacity building workshops and networking opportunities with local partners and peer-to-peer support to share challenges and discover solutions. At the end, they will have identified how to:

  • Refine their partnerships and operational model
  • Analyse the product-market fit for multiple contexts
  • Find viable routes to scale and growth
  • Integrate impact evaluation into the operational model
  • Identify financial sustainability model and financial opportunities

Therefore, during the Circular Impact cohort, the early-stage entrepreneurs within the sustainable tourism and public mobility sectors will be supported with knowledge, skills and tools for identification and implementation of potential ways for the circular economy to facilitate their growth as well as in assessing the impact of their green social businesses. The cohort will support social business entrepreneurs in Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi. Who is Yunus Environment Hub looking for? Social businesses that…

  • are located in one of our target countries in East Africa
  • solve a challenge within thematic areas of the tourism and mobility industries
  • have product/service on the market for 6 months – 3 years
  • are a legally registered entity
  • are able to demonstrate environmental and social impact
  • are beyond testing stage, in pre-seed investment but post-revenue stage
  • have accumulated sales to date of approx. 10,000‑25,000 USD (not necessarily profitable yet)

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