GreenDev Inc.

Member since: 08/2020

Active in: WG Plastics, WG E-Waste, WG Framework conditions

GreenDev Inc.

GreenDev is a Canadian based impact-focused investment management firm focusing on advancing the transition to the Circular Economy in emerging and frontier markets. Our investment strategy aligns the generation of positive measurable social and environmental impacts while retaining commercial financial returns. Our Company aims to invest in opportunities that commercialize innovation and business solutions across the product lifecycle – from material innovation and design to reuse and recycling and sustainable infrastructure in the waste management value chain.

The transition to a circular economy can not be done by one organisation alone; it requires value chains and an entire network and ecosystem of partners to build trust and to work together. We believe by working and collaborating with partners, such as PREVENT Waste Alliance we can drive greater social and environmental impact for the world.

Circular Economy means to us – a transformative and inclusive economy where pollution and waste are design out of value chain while materials and products are kept in use to create positive economic, environmental and societal impacts.
Our ultimate goal is to trigger a worldwide systemic change by identifying and investing in new technologies and circular business solutions that break our dependency on natural resources extraction while aligning environment protection targets with economic ones.