GreenCycle Stiftung & Co KG

Member since: 05/2019

Active in: WG Plastics

GreenCycle Stiftung & Co KG

GreenCycle is a leading global waste management company and an innovation driver for technologies, systems and processes in the areas of materials and energy management, environmental services and logistics solutions within the Schwarz Group from Neckarsulm. The company was founded in 2009 and today manages with its subsidiary PreZero Wertstoffmanagement about 4 million tons of recyclables per year. In addition, the GreenCycle experts provide solutions for the design of the energy system transformation. In addition, more than 2 million plastic load carriers with integrated RFID technology are controlled from Neckarsulm, which are specially tailored to the needs of retailers. GreenCycle is characterised by its openness to sustainable developments and supports science, research and start-ups in the further development of new ideas and technologies. GreenCycle is part of REset Plastic, the plastics strategy of the Schwarz Group. The holistic approach ranges from prevention, design, recycling and disposal to innovation and education. This reduces the use of plastics and closes cycles.

We see circular economy as a task for the entire society. For this reason, we seek to work closely with other players and are happy to contribute our experience, expertise and products in the form of cooperations, networks and services. The Waste Alliance is important for the creation of the necessary infrastructure and better framework conditions for the establishment of a functioning and resource-conserving recycling economy throughout the world. Within the framework of the alliance, we want to create a mutual understanding of the requirements and obstacles in the circular economy and create consistent standards. Only if all participants in the value chain are brought together at one table, holistic and sustainable global circular economy can be achieved.

As the fifth largest trader in the world, the Schwarz trading group, to which Kaufland, Lidl and GreenCycle belong, has considerable influence on the distribution of packaging and the generation of waste. The company is aware of this responsibility and therefore makes a comprehensive contribution to solving the problems that have arisen. With REset Plastic, the Schwarz Group has found an approach to pave the way for circular economy – from packaging design to recycling. Furthermore, the Schwarz Group is not “just” a retailer, but also a manufacturer and, with GreenCycle and PreZero, a waste disposal and recycling company. It therefore has comprehensive know-how and an overview of on the entire supply chain.