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As a young Start-up, we at GOT BAG crafted the world's first backpack made of ocean plastic. We started out as two friends in 2016 - connected to the ocean since childhood - on a mission to free our oceans of plastic. The approach we take towards product design reflects those roots and our strive for sustainable and utility. Moreover, we try to use our reach to spread awareness about the threat plastic poses to marine ecosystems. With the combined power of our growing network we believe changing the world for the better is possible.

We see the exchange of ideas happening at PREVENT as important pillar of establishing functioning waste management systems world wide. Only through open discourse we are able to tackle the challenges of our time – especially if it comes to such gigantic tasks as cleaning the ocean. We hope to find like-minded partners who can support us and whom we can support in achieving their goals. Lastly, we just want to get better at what we do by exposing our approach to ocean plastic to the feedback and criticism of experts.

The establishment of a truly Circular Economy will not only help decrease CO2-emissions and the usage of fossil resources but also put emphasis on the importance of recycling. While countries worldwide have gotten better at reintroducing discarded material into value chains, the current state of our economy still allows too much plastic waste to remain unchecked and ultimately make its way into the environment and the oceans. As our ultimate goal is the protection of the latter, finding Circular Economy solutions is the most important step along the way.