Member since: 12/2022

Active in: WG Plastics, WG E-Waste


Free The Sea is a purpose-driven company that is on a mission to free the sea by advancing our world from consumption to regeneration. First, we understand ourselves as a circular economy accelerator changing the way we look at products. Our first established product segment focuses on recycling and upcycling ocean-bound plastic waste into high-performance polymers while creating long-lasting social and environmental impact in the region of the Riau Islands starting on the Island of Batam, Indonesia where we put in place our own plastic collection ecosystem and recycling & upcycling infrastructure. We’ve developed new processes and technologies to create a more durable, cost-effective recycled compound that can be used beyond packaging and consumer products.

We see a direct correlation between poverty and environmental decay in many areas of society and we are committed to support the regeneration of our oceans, social balance and enable a circular economy but we cannot do this on our own. The Prevent Waste Alliance provides a network solution where we can engage, collaborate, find synergies with businesses and organizations that have a similar vision.

In a closed system like our planet, no material should ever become waste. Within this logic, any product is only an interim state of its material already destined for a second, third and more lives to come. As a result, no material without biological value should ever end up in the natural environment. Circular economy is the only solution system that enables us to tackle waste problem, circulate our resources and regenerate our broken ecosystems.