Member since: 11/2020

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions



Everwave is a social enterprise that is dedicated to protect rivers and the ocean from plastic waste and to promote a more sustainable life-style, in order to protect aquatic environments as precious habitats, food resources and economic regions. Everwave is founded on two pillars: Technological innovation focuses on a combination of active and passive cleanup technologies for rivers that prevent waste from entering the oceans. The waste is then re- & upcycelt to create new products. Ecological Inspiration comprises raising public awareness for the global plastic crisis and promoting solutions through environmental education, interactive events and creative PR activities with international outreach.

Global problems need global solutions. Global solutions can only be created through global networking and cooperation. In order to establish these solutions jointly and in the long term, we must tackle the problem at its root and make a difference at all levels of the value chain. We become a member in order to support the PREVENT Waste Alliance with our knowledge/expertise and to start joint projects that bring us closer to solutions for our problem.

In many areas of our life, plastic is a valuable product if it is used sensibly (e.g. health sector). This is exactly how we should see and treat it: as a valuable resource that must be returned to the cycle. Plastic in the environment is lost in the cycle, value is lost and causes additional damage to the environment. Our current system has no future for the environment, humanity or our economy. We use our finite resources, develop a product and generate waste. A circular economy aims to look beyond the current waste management and redefine growth and sustainability.