Member since: 05/2021

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions



Enaleia is a social, non-profit enterprise with a vision to make the marine ecosystem sustainable. It started in 2016 as the first professional fishing school in Greece, educating fishermen on sustainable fishing methods such as fishing tourism. Enaleia is currently dedicated to the “Mediterranean Clean-Up” project, a wide-scale cleanup of marine plastic in the Mediterranean region in collaboration with professional fishermen. The marine plastic collected by fishermen and the used fishing equipment is recycled and upcycled, being integrated into the circular economy. In this way, all our projects are aligned with three pillars: Education, Mitigation, and Prevention.

Enaleia, through its membership in the PREVENT Waste Alliance, aspires to share all the experience and knowledge gained through the internationally recognised practice of the Mediterranean Clean-Up Project and to utilise all the possible synergies. In this way, we will expand our network, and we will have access to the know-how required to maximise our impact.

The circular economy model is an integral part of our organisation’s business plan. Given the limited supply of necessary raw materials, the circular economy model is the only solution to creating long-term value. By collecting marine plastic and transforming it into utilitarian products, we aim to prolong the products’ life cycle and reduce plastic waste to a minimum. In this way, we contribute to creating more durable and innovative products, getting a step closer to our mission, a plastic-free sea.