Electro Recycling Ghana

Member since: 08/2021

Active in: WG E-Waste, WG Framework conditions


Electro Recycling Ghana

Electro Recycling Ghana (ERG) is legally incorporated as a limited liability company in Ghana (Company Reg. No: CS045312019) and has received a permit from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to collect and process e-waste in an environmentally sound way. ERG was established in 2018 and received an operating permit from EPA for collecting, dismantling and further processing of discarded e-waste. Today, ERG is the largest e-waste management company in Ghana offering services to individuals, small/medium enterprises (SME), large corporations, government, educational and medical institutions. Our current partners include: USAID, EPA (Ghana), KfW, GIZ, GESTA, MTN, Nova Oil, Kennedy Electricals Limited.

ERG decided to become a member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance for purposes of networking and sharing of expertise as we fight the new normal. We have started e-waste downcycling, recycling and upcycling and since our philosophy is leading by innovation, we thought it important to join PREVENT to network and know more from organisations in Europe and across the world.

ERG is primarily focused on contributing to reducing waste in Ghana and across the world. This means, we work towards ensuring that our activities preserve added and inherent values of recycled and upcycled waste streams as long as possible so as to reduce future waste streams and value chain risks.