E[co]work Association

Member since: 08/2020

Active in: WG E-Waste


E[co]work Association

Our vision is to transform current hazardous and polluting recycling practices to a safe and healthy work sector that is recognized for its valuable work for sustainable resource management and circular economy. We aim to achieve this by creating and supporting socially inclusive and locally adaptable solutions in the waste management sector. Our focus lies on the design, set up and support of so-called E[co]work Spaces, that are co-working facilities adapted for micro-entrepreneurs in the waste sector.

The PREVENT Waste Alliance enables to engage and link up with organisations and individuals that have a similar vision. The platform provides an opportunity to interact, find synergies and establish partnerships for realizing new projects and strengthen forces to reach our vision.

Circular economy is an important part of our vision. We focus on improving the recovery of secondary materials, both in terms of quantity and quality. At the same time, we take into account the social and economic perspective to create sustainable transformation and circularity.