ecologic Institut

Member since: 11/2019

Active in: WG Plastics

ecologic Institut

Ecologic Institute conducts inter- and transdisciplinary environmental research. In addition, the institute's scientists* prepare policy analyses and provide advisory. Ecologic Institute has offices in Berlin, Brussels and Washington DC. As a private, independent institute, Ecologic Institute is dedicated to working on relevant socio-political issues of sustainability research. Innovative research approaches, practical orientation and a transdisciplinary approach ensure the excellent scientific quality and social relevance of Ecologic Institute's work. It covers the entire spectrum of environmental topics, including the integration of environmental concerns into other policy fields. An important topic of the Ecologic Institute is resource conservation and circular economy.

As the top level of the waste hierarchy, waste prevention is often not given enough attention in public and political discourse. A platform like the PREVENT Waste Alliance can play a valuable role in raising awareness and strengthening cooperation on waste prevention, across diverse stakeholder groups and regional contexts. As a member, Ecologic Institute looks forward to contributing to the debate with its applied scientific and policy expertise. In addition, Ecologic Institute looks forward to expanding existing networks and building new partnerships to promote a comprehensive circular economy where waste prevention is an indispensable element.

Circular Economy is a comprehensive concept that integrates environmental, economic and social aspects and envisions a maximum usability of materials and energy in the lifecycle of products and services.
It is indispensable for conserving the finite resources of our planet and for combating climate change. The waste hierarchy is pivotal to the achievement of a circular economy because preventing waste and reusing/preparing for reuse are key components of maintaining materials and products, as well as their energetic and economic value for as long as possible in the economy.