German-Chilean Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Member since: 08/2020

Active in: WG Plastics

German-Chilean Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The German-Chilean Chamber of Commerce (AHK Chile) is one of the oldest foreign chambers of commerce in the world. With around 600 members, it is the largest binational chamber in Chile. AHK Chile not only represents the interests of its members, it is also the official representative of the German economy in Chile, developing into an important platform for trade exchange and the transfer of technology and know-how between Germany and Chile. As a qualified local partner, we provide information concerning the Chilean market, taking advantage of the excellent network of contacts in politics and business. The Chamber cooperates actively and across sectors with a large number of companies as well as public and private associations and institutions.

Although Chile is officially no longer considered an emerging and developing country, it is still at a starting point in terms of circular economy. The environmental challenges resulting from the lack of a functioning circular economy are diverse and complex. That is why AHK Chile is very interested in working out new approaches together with the other members, which could also be relevant for Chile. The Prevent Waste Alliance brings together various stakeholders worldwide, creating an excellent platform that enables the exchange of international experience in the field of circular economy and a better connection between the stakeholders.

Sustainability is one of the strategic topics of AHK Chile. In this area, we try to implement sustainable management in processes and business models in various projects that we carry out in the main economic sectors, through technology and knowledge transfer. Circular economy is one of our mainstay, we have a large number of successful projects on circular economy as well as waste and recycling technologies. These include (virtual) delegation trips, workshops and specialized forums. Furthermore, we will start a public-private working group in September 2020, which will contribute to strengthen the circular economy in the areas of organic waste and packaging waste.