Danone GS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Member since: 07/2020

Active in: WG Plastics


Danone GS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Danone is a leading food and beverage company that builds on health-oriented and fast-growing categories in three areas: Essential Dairy & Plant Based Products, Waters and Specialized Nutrition. In line with our vision "One Planet. One Health", which sees human and planet health as inextricably linked, Danone strives to inspire consumers to adopt healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking habits. To drive this forward, Danone has defined nine goals for 2030, such as the global B Corp certification by 2025. It was the first publicly traded company to achieve French "Entreprise à Mission" status.

Danone has adopted a comprehensive packaging policy, in which it has made an ambitious commitment to achieve concrete goals. This includes the timely establishment of closed cycles for packaging materials. In order to achieve the goals set, the greatest possible and broadest possible support is required from a wide range of areas and in a variety of ways. The PREVENT membership is a further building block in the transfer of know-how and the development of ideas for the fastest possible implementation of the set goals.

Recycling management is the central element in the field of packaging to support and implement our sustainable business activities.