Dalmia Polypro Industries Private Limited

Member since: 05/2020

Active in: WG Plastics


Dalmia Polypro Industries Private Limited

Dalmia Polypro Industries Private Limited is engaged in the recovery and recycling of post consumer plastic waste streams in India for over 15 years. We operate facilities at three locations in India and annually process over 25,000MT, serving quality sensitive applications like consumer packaging, industrial packaging, fashion and resins amongst others. Additionally, we are also working with brand owners to help them discharge their extended producer responsibilities.

We were motivated to become a member of PREVENT to stay informed about the developments in this rapidly evolving sector of plastic recycling. Needless to say, it is a great platform for learning best practices, debating on processing technologies and sharing learnings with a like minded audience. We do hope to make a meaningful contribution to the member base of PREVENT.

In our view, circularity is a process to ensure zero landfilling of primary materials. We believe our activities help further the mission of a circular economy as we are preventing waste streams from being landfilled or dumped in oceans and maximising their economic value through a recycling process.