D.A. Packaging PLC

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D.A. Packaging PLC

D.A. Packaging PLC is a paper & carton manufacturing company that was established in 2002 G.C. with the purpose of manufacturing and supplying corrugated carton boxes to a variety of industries. Since its birth, it extended its production capacity and products variety, and is now supplying others in the same industry with recycled paper as well as water-based ink, on top of fulfilling its own major raw material requirements.

As D.A. Packaging is an organisation engaged in the recycling of old corrugated carton boxes to make paper packaging it comes across different stake holders like the city solid waste management agency, micro and small enterprises, development agencies as well as the micro enterprises who are collecting and sorting the city waste. These stakeholders face the problem of large amounts of plastics and other wastes which can be reused and in turn provide them with additional income. Once we learned about PREVENT we understood that we could be able to assist the stakeholders to solve the issue.

D.A. Packaging as an organisation believes that it is of paramount importance to avoid waste and install the culture of reusing as we have one world that we live in and the resources found are absolute and we have to conserve our resources as well as the pollution that we create is destroying the environment that we share. Our organisation wants to be part of the solution and not the problem.