Member since: 01/2021

Active in: WG Plastics, WG E-Waste


waste2resource marketplace

Cyrkl provides a digital marketplace for waste materials. We aim to bring creativity and innovation to the world of waste management. Cyrkl enables the optimization of waste management and by-products of production by passing on from those who have to those in need. We believe in the positive strength of new circular innovative processes, sustainable business and technology, and know that in conjunction with a sophisticated business model, a solution can bring benefits to all market participants.

Cyrkl has become a member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance to connect with other market players, share expertise and learn from best practices. Further, we aim to participate in projects around topics such as circular plastics and packaging, but also e-waste. We believe that together, it is possible to enable ways for circular material life cycles and want to be a part of the solution by providing knowledge and our marketplace to make the cycles happen.

Circular economy is a fundamental aspect of our business model. We are connecting businesses with waste material with others who have the means to recycle it and make new products from it. We are aware of the fact that Circular Economy by no means is centred around recycling but includes many more steps before (such as prolong usage, share, refurb etc.). We believe that with our marketplace we can also contribute to those prior principles by giving companies the possibility to upload waste and residual materials and sell it to companies who will use these materials as such.