The Center «Cooperation for Sustainable Development»

Member since: 06/2022

Active in: WG Plastics, WG E-Waste

The Center «Cooperation for Sustainable Development»

The Center «Cooperation for Sustainable Development» executes projects supported by international organisations, government departments (within social projects), non-governmental organisations and associations. The mission of the Center is cooperating for promoting the "green economy" in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the provision of environmental safety through awareness raising of publicity, government departments and business structures in the field of environmental protection.

Since 2008, our company has been implementing various projects in the field of ecology. Over the years, the company has gained vast experience in various areas of this field and is ready to enter a new world level. The PREVENT Waste Alliance is one of the large communities where, through a joint effort, pressing problems in the field of environmental protection are solved. Therefore, the accession of our organisation can give a new impetus for joint work both in Kazakhstan and in the Central Asian region.

Today, Kazakhstan is actively developing in the direction of sustainable development and a circular economy. Our organisation is actively involved in these areas and contributes to the bright future of the country. The circular economy is a tool for the development of a closed economy, which implies a minimum amount of waste and pollution to the environment and the maximum development of a “green” economy as: alternative energy sources and rational production and consumption of natural resources.