Cradle to Cradle NGO

Member since: 01/2021

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions

Cradle to Cradle NGO

Problems can only be solved when they are thoroughly understood – this is the aim of our educational initiatives. C2C NGO connects business, education, politics, and civil society to establish Cradle to Cradle. Our volunteers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, make C2C accessible to everyone. Our Congress, with 1,000 participants from the C2C and circular economy community, is the largest C2C platform worldwide, where all stakeholders come together annually to discuss and network. In 2019, we established the C2C LAB in Berlin, the first comprehensive renovation according to C2C criteria, as an educational centre, head office, and living lab.

A vision can only become reality if people and organisations rethink and collaborate: From squandering resources to reutilising them. From owning products to simply having access to them. From being less harmful to being truly good. With education and networking initiatives we pave the way for this vision. The PREVENT Waste Alliance connects stakeholders from different disciplines. Together, they can shape an economy based on closed material loops. As a member of this network, we want to embed our vision of a circular society into this effort, animate to rethink and revamp and help creating a healthy future.

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) is a comprehensive ecological concept intended to create material and resource cycles. Following nature’s example, all waste becomes nutrients for something new.
C2C is more holistic than today´s understanding of a circular economy. C2C starts with designing products for a specific usage scenario by sourcing only healthy and appropriate materials which can circulate in biological or technical cycles. All materials are already considered as resources for the next lifecycle of a product. Technological, biological, and cultural diversity is firmly embedded in C2C, as well as the use of renewable energy, fair working conditions and water stewardship.