Closing the Loop

Member since: 01/2020

Active in: WG E-Waste

Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop offers organisations a way to get started in the circular economy, by providing a service to make their IT more sustainable. We do this by offsetting the negative footprints created by production of their new phones with the recycling scrap phones collected in countries with no functioning electronic waste collection systems (mostly developing countries) and recycled in responsible recycling centres. This business model enables us to create an economy for the collection and recycling of e-waste. In the long term this will enable formal recycling economies to develop in these developing countries, making local recycling facilities more feasible.

The challenge of e-waste is an international and complicated one. This challenge cannot be solved nationally, or by individual parties. The only way forward is through good, international partnerships. Organisations have to learn from each other in order to further develop solutions, and make them more applicable. We hope that this partnership will allow us to share our model with others, and develop it further, also for other waste streams.
We also want to show our stakeholders that we participate in dialogues concerning the issues we address as a business, and hope that membership can help contribute to that.

The circular economy is the reason our organisation exists. Our entire business model is built around the fact that waste needs to be prevented and turned into resources.
We make the Circular Economy tangible for organisations that want to get started with it. While the world is looking for the perfect solutions, that might still take some time to achieve, we offer a chance to get started now, kickstarting the engagement of employees, customers and other stakeholders, and preparing them for a bigger step in the Circular Economy. We believe in starting with an imperfect solution, and then developing further.