Civic Response Team

Member since: 10/2020

Active in: WG Framework conditions

Civic Response Team

Civic Response Team (CRT) is a social enterprise which aims to achieve inclusive and sustainable cities, towns and villages by implementing evidence driven and partnerships enabled systemic solutions to pervasive civic challenges. One such challenge that we have been addressing is that of Solid Waste Management, for which we have developed an inhouse process - BOTRAM. BOTRAM is a data and research-driven 6 step process that focuses on systemic overhaul of city-level solid waste processes. BOTRAM is implemented by harnessing established machinery and enabling delivery of exemplar SWM services.

Civic Response Team has established partnerships with stakeholders such as local government authorities, sanitation workers, residents, waste pickers from the informal sectors and many others in the Municipal Solid Waste Management ecosystem to ensure sustainability of the processes to streamline waste management processes. By being a member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance, we hope to contribute to identify partnerships that focus on optimum resource recovery while creating and enhancing dignified livelihoods for those working in the space of waste management.

We at Civic Response team, believe in the role that informal waste pickers play in enabling the creation of a circular economy. Through our work, we onboard these waste pickers into a formal system, giving them a safe space to work from. Our process – BOTRAM has been designed to ensure that 90% of the waste that would end up being dumped into a landfill is diverted and generates value which not only contributes to a cleaner environment but also enhances livelihoods for waste pickers.