Member since: 07/2022

Active in: WG Plastics


Circonnact is a circular innovation organisation promoting regenerative solutions locally and globally. Based in Austria, Circonnact supports companies and municipalities to develop regenerative and circular solutions, engages people around them and supports bringing them to the market in Europe and internationally. The transdisciplinary expert team provides circular design & innovation, communication & stakeholder engagement and capacity building & training. Our special areas of expertise are tourism, green and circular cities, nature-based solutions, food & biomass.

We are convinced that the transition to a circular and regenerative economy can only take place through collaboration, peer-to-peer learning and local action. We are developing circular innovation projects in the field of tourism, green and circular cities etc. in Europe, Latin America and beyond and interested in knowledge exchange and collaboration.

We at Circonnact promote regenerative circularity – an approach to economic development that benefits people, business and the environment. It is a way to live connected to nature by circulating resources in the system, using renewable resources, including and empowering people.

Regenerative and circular development and design enables companies and regions to thrive on all levels – enable a good quality of life for people and flourishing nature whilst prospering economically.