Member since: 10/2022

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions



CETEC is a Technological Institute promoted by the shoe manufacturing and plastic transformation industries as well as by the regional administration. CETEC operates as a non-profit organization whose goal is to perform R&D activities to generate scientific and technological knowledge. CETEC is made up of about 70 companies and is a meeting point for the development of R&D projects, information search, assistance to the obtaining of public fundings for the realization of projects, service of documentation and regulations, etc. At CETEC are working 24 qualified technicians, 6 are doctors, 8 graduates and 6 engineers.

CETEC has been working with plastics and polymers since 1994 and the growing concern about plastic waste has become a line of work for us to help create a more sustainable world. CETEC works on European projects that aim to improve the recyclability and biodegradability of plastics.

Currently, circular economy is our main researching line. CETEC is the coordinator of two European project with more than 50 partners strongly focused on circular economy. The first one is searching for an upgrading of PE and PET polymers, and the second one is implementing a territorial circular systemic solution for the upcycling of residues from the agri-food sector.