CENN – Caucasus Environmental NGO Network

Member since: 02/2021

Active in: WG Plastics, WG E-Waste, WG Framework conditions


CENN – Caucasus Environmental NGO Network

CENN is a non-governmental organisation working to protect the environment through fostering sustainable development throughout the South Caucasus. We specialise in a number of areas including combating climate change, sustainable management of resources, building and developing healthy and prosperous climate resilient communities, and empowering women and girls to participate in creating inclusive solutions. Since 1998, we have worked with local communities, businesses and national governments through region-wide initiatives to engender green growth at every level. CENN creates and delivers modern solutions for the public and business sectors and communities, assisting them in managing their environmental and related risks and helping them achieve a competitive advantage through improved environmental and social performance.

At CENN, we believe that sustainable development is best achieved through networking, cooperation, and sharing best practices among various parties. Membership in the PREVENT Waste Alliance gives us an opportunity to take part in a global process and provide our input in promoting transformative changes towards circular economy.

The concept behind circular economy, where the value of products is maintained for the longest possible time and waste generation is minimized, is primarily in line with CENN’s mission to promote sustainable development. We work with governments, businesses and local communities to support the transition to a circular economy, and as a result, boosting economic competitiveness and minimising the negative impact on the environment. To this end, we provide technical assistance in developing a respective regulatory framework, fostering waste prevention, reuse and recycling practices and building the capacity of various stakeholders and the general public.