Carbon Turnaround

Member since: 01/2022

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions

Carbon Turnaround

We are consulting engineers guiding our clients to a net-zero carbon economy by giving them a competitive edge and by turning them into sustainability leaders in the race to a decarbonized and sustainable economic system. CARBON TURNAROUND firmly believes in an economic system based on circularity with closed flows of energy, materials and water – in order to avoid inefficiency, to limit environmental pollution and to guarantee an economic system able to handle challenges such as climate change or loss of biodiversity.

We believe firmly in the urgent need to collaborate in order to solve complex environmental problems like Climate Change or the loss of biodiversity. We did join the PREVENT Waste Alliance in order to be part of a global community sharing the same vision of a sustainability transformation towards net-zero carbon emissions based on a circular economic system.

The sole use of renewable energy instead of fossil energy will not be enough to meet the international climate goals. Meeting these goals will make it necessary to tackle also the emissions related to the production, use and disposal of products, and it will also require a reconsideration of our common consumption patterns. A broad paradigm shift towards circularity is needed. Resource efficiency, closed material and product loops as well as low or zero waste – they all contribute to an overall decarbonization of the production system, and this is essential for an integrated sustainability transformation of our economic system.