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BVRio is a non-profit organisation created in 2011 in Brazil, and now operating internationally, with offices in Brazil,The United Kingdom, Switzerland, China, Ghana, and Indonesia. The organisation works at the intersection of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. By developing innovative market-based solutions to environmental issues, BVRio bridges the action gap between the private sector, local governments and civil society. BVRio’s work is focused around four ambitious goals: climate change mitigation, sustainable forest management, sustainable agriculture, and circular economy.

Effective transition into a circular economy model needs new ideas and a collective inclusive approach. Companies, governments and civil society organisations need to work together to design and develop systemic solutions that will both meet the environmental challenges and ensure sustainable growth. By default, the circular economy calls for collaboration across sectors as well as a better understanding of local social, economic and environmental contexts. The PREVENT Waste Alliance provides a great opportunity to share knowledge, exchange views and collaborate.

Each path to Circular Economy for plastics has environmental and social objectives at its core. The transformation process must be also economically viable to provide well-designed incentives for all stakeholders, from plastic producers, recycling companies, to municipalities and waste collection co-operatives. One of the tools to facilitate a more effective transition to circular economy are market-based solutions that can ensure both economic and social impact at the local level.