BDE Bundesverband deutscher Entsorgungs-, Wasser- und Rohstoffwirtschaft

Member since: 05/2019

Active in: WG Framework conditions

BDE Bundesverband deutscher Entsorgungs-, Wasser- und Rohstoffwirtschaft

The BDE, as the industry association of the German circular economy, represents the interests of its members with political decision makers. The BDE has around 750 members, who make up the entire value creation chain of the circular economy – from collection through to sorting and then recycling. The companies operate in fields such as recycling of paper, plastics, glass, old electric appliances and scrap metal, preparing mineral waste and composting organic waste.

Setting up and developing functioning global circular economy structures worldwide must become a priority for international collaboration. The local circumstances must always be taken into account and the circular economy must be implemented within structures that are already in place. Taking into account different cultures and involving local cooperation partners means that successful and sustainable implementation can be guaranteed. The BDE supports its members in taking and implementing the required measures to set up a functioning waste management and circular economy in emerging and developing countries.

Maintaining a liveable environment for future generations is one of the key challenges we face today. Against the background of climate change and the scarcity of resources, the recycling of reusable materials is becoming more and more important. The circular economy can assume an exceptional role in this, as the companies within this sector do not regard rubbish as waste, rather as a potential raw material. In a functioning circular economy, resources are reused beyond the life cycle of goods in the form of recycling raw materials in various production processes as well as new ones.