bb-net media GmbH

Member since: 04/2021

Active in: WG E-Waste

bb-net media GmbH

bb-net media Gmbh has been the leading technological IT remarketing company in Germany for 25 years and offers perfectly coordinated and secure solutions for IT remarketing. More than 100,000 devices are optically and technically refurbished every year and returned to the market. Environmental and health protection is an integral part of our daily work and is firmly anchored in our sustainability programme. Our management systems are certified and lived. We are the first German climate-neutral IT refurbishment company.

To improve our network and to find contacts to companies that live environmental protection and sustainability like bb-net.

We show how the improvement of take-back can be carried out and present recycling systems of IT equipment. In this way, we show our members that there are perfect solutions for waste prevention and remarketing.

A sustainable economy is anchored in the fundamental idea of bb-net and leads to a reduction in environmental damage and pollution.

Circular economy is a system in which we reduce and conserve our use of resources, waste, emissions and energy inputs. By remanufacturing used IT hardware, we break the short life cycle to disposal and give the equipment a 2nd life cycle. In this way, our remanufactured devices are reused with low energy consumption and emission input and are not sent to the disposal company as electronic waste. Circular economy is thus the most important component for the success of our company.