ASCON Resource Management Holding GmbH

Member since: 01/2020

Active in: WG Plastics

ASCON Resource Management Holding GmbH

ASCON Resource Management Holding is a group of companies that provide environmental and waste management services in the search for economic and ecological balance. The global recycling activities of subsidiaries ASCON GmbH, ASCON Corp., SORTcycle and EUPVcycle all come together under the single holding company. ASCON’s vision is to implement a European-wide take-back and recovery system for plastics. In order to achieve this, the company acts as an input manager for European plastics recycling companies and also advises both public and private institutions. SORTcycle processes plastic waste within its own factory, which is then used to manufacture new products. EUPVcycle is an independent European testing company for packaging recycling.

ASCON Resource Management Holding offers far-reaching know-how in recycling plastics, and the management has over 30 years of international expertise in the plastics recycling industry. We hope to make this available to the PREVENT Waste Alliance. Our goal is to return more plastic back into the product cycle in an ecologically and economically efficient manner. We are therefore pleased to be a member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance, jointly developing and implementing new ideas within this expert forum. ASCON Holding sees plastics as part of our modern world and hopes to contribute constructively to using plastics more sustainably with the help of modern recycling solutions.

Raw materials are finite – we all know that. Sustainability and a green economy are major challenges for modern society, companies, politics and, of course, citizens. Protection, prevention, economical use and reuse in terms of finite raw materials all play key roles, affecting industry and society in equal measure. We need waste disposal systems that are based on sustainability criteria. A functioning circular economy with a change of course from the throw-away society we live in to actual resource efficiency is one of our central tasks for the future. Prevention and efficient recycling are the tools we need to use resources more efficiently, obtaining secondary raw materials and organising the circular economy in a sustainable fashion.