Asantys Systems GmbH

Member since: 05/2021

Active in: WG E-Waste

Asantys Systems GmbH

Asantys Systems is a 360° service provider for solar projects in Africa and Asia. As a solar EPC and system integrator we provide turnkey solutions and act as a one-stop shop for all kind of solar projects like mini-grids, telecom, pumping, C&I, diesel-PV hybrid systems, etc. With more than 10 years experience in Africa we can serve our customers with experienced engineering, best pricing from high quality suppliers and additional services like project management, trainings, financing etc. When Asantys delivered the first solar system the hope was high to put an end to environmental unfriendly diesel generators and today solar powered mini grids and solar home systems (SHS) are an established power source in rural Africa.

Most solar powered mini grids and SHS include a lead battery to store solar energy for the night. But also Li-Ion batteries are becoming more and more popular and the amount of batteries requiring recycling is increasing. Environmental friendly and safe battery recycling facilities are usually not available which brings serious risks to health and environment.
We decided to get active to develop solutions to overcome this problem: On the one side, we are active in R&D projects and on the other side we are looking for partners to jointly work on recycling solutions as well as smoothening the political and regulatory framework.

Currently there are rarely financial budgets or concepts implemented for battery recycling of such systems. This leads to end of life batteries from SHS and mini grid projects being stored without recycling solution, even disposed by users anywhere or being recycled locally in a harmful and environmental unfriendly way. Ideally, in future every project needs to provide a recycling concept and new batteries can only be imported to African countries if end-of life batteries are recycled in the same volume. Maybe the concepts can also be adopted to other industries (e.g. vehicle batteries).