Member since: 02/2022

Active in: WG E-Waste


AppCyclers is an innovative e-waste management start-up based in Tamale, Northern Ghana, using data analysis, education and technology to solve the problem of improper disposal of e-waste. We focus our activities on providing e-waste education, e-waste collection, recycling, and upcycling solutions to promote a greener and safer environment. Our flagship product is a web-based platform through which e-waste is collected with a click of a button, upcycled into artefact embellishments, which are then sold in our online shop. We work closely through partnerships with international bodies, educational institutions, large corporations, and informal scrap dealers.

We believe strongly in SDG 17, which is promoting cross-sector and cross-country collaboration as a means of achieving Sustainable Development Goal 12, on which PREVENT Waste Alliance is based. Being a member of this alliance will serve as an opportunity for us to broaden our network, share expertise, and collaborate with others in solving the e-waste menace.

At AppCyclers, our primary focus is to reduce e-waste from reaching into the environment by making sure people are enlightened on the e-waste menace, putting best practices in place as they repair, reuse their electronic equipment and providing a convenient means for recycling.