Member since: 09/2021

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions


Ampliphi is an intelligent environmental action platform that helps companies accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastics. By harnessing the power of data, we help companies take a simple yet systematic approach to measure, reduce, and communicate their plastic footprint. How does it work? Automatically import and host your company’s data on our platform and access your personalized dashboard. Here, we visualize your company's plastic footprint. Next, we help you create a tailored footprint reduction strategy, connecting you with actionable, more circular solutions. Finally, we give you the tools to effectively communicate and engage with your stakeholders.

Our organisational missions align closely – we both bring together professionals and organisations to promote international collaboration, incentivizing environmental action. We are thrilled to be a part of the PREVENT Waste Alliance as we are convinced of the need for partnerships to ensure a just transition toward a circular and climate-friendly future. By enabling companies of all sizes across the globe to accurately measure, reduce, and communicate their plastic footprint, we enable transparency and accountability. Joining forces with our fellow members of the PREVENT Waste Alliance helps us amplify our efforts and grow the movement for systematic initiatives.

A circular economy is a system where the concept of waste doesn’t exist and every material is seen as a resource. For Ampliphi, a circular economy relies on four principles: designing out waste and pollution; keeping products and materials in use; regenerating natural systems; and fostering social equity and inclusion. To pursue this novel economic system, we must first bridge the massive transparency and accountability gap. Why? Because we cannot manage what is not measured. We are convinced that accessible methodologies and inclusive solution providers that help companies cut through the noise can play a crucial role in accelerating the transition.