AGEV by Ailesh

Member since: 03/2023

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions

AGEV by Ailesh

AGEV is a circular business solution company that focus on creating solution through digital innovation for sustainability. Together with Ailesh, our solution framework is “We Redefine, We Design, and We Accelerate”. AGEV creates solution for enterprise and government to achieve their business and sustainability goals. AGEV enables industrial and government sector for tracking their emission production, waste production, and decision support system to achieve net zero emission target. AGEV also help the customers to support their technology and biomass source for reducing their emission also publish their sustainability achievement through report and eco-label certification such as EPD.

AGEV by Ailesh solution framework creates end-to-end solution for client to help them redefine their current condition, design their future goals, and accelerate their implementation. That solution framework creates many ways and possibilities to provide reliable and cutting-edge solutions. The PREVENT Waste Alliance membership give us a platform for transfer the latest know-how and implementation development in sustainability related world for our provide services and solutions.

Circular economy creates new business opportunity for every sectors. Circular economy also develops operational efficiency and creates benefit for community.