Member since: 06/2019

Active in: WG E-Waste


Adelphi is a leading independent think tank and public policy consultancy on climate, environment and development. Our mission is to improve global governance through research, dialogue and consultation. We offer demand-driven, tailor-made services for sustainable development, helping governments, international organizations, businesses and nonprofits design strategies for addressing global challenges.

Partnerships are key to the way we work at adelphi. By forging alliances with individuals and organizations, we help strengthen global governance and so promote transformative change, sustainable resources management and resilience. The concept of circular economy goes beyond traditional approaches and requires fundamental, system-wide changes along global value chains. Being a member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance, we seek to make an active contribution to facilitate such partnerships.

In essence, the circular economy describes an economic system which produces neither waste nor pollution by redesigning products to circulate at a high quality within the consumption and production system for as long as possible and feeding them back into the bio- or technosphere to restore natural capital or providing secondary resources at the end of use. The transition towards a circular economy makes a vital contribution to the achievement of the Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement. At the same time, it increases the competitiveness of industries and presents a global opportunity worth trillions.