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4Earth Global

The global increase in waste production and population growth are challenges that all countries face - at varying levels - across the globe. We aim to utilise this to our advantage by creating an eco-friendly business with the purpose of raising living standards and - in the process - recycle plastic waste. 4 Earth has the technology to manufacture wood plastic composite profiles using all waste plastic and grain byproduct to fabricate affordable kit homes supplied across the globe requiring only a number of hours to build and using unskilled labor. With every square meter we build, the equivalent of over 6500 plastic bags are consumed and 104 loaves of bread are incentivised.

We aim to network with projects and other members of the PREVENT Waste Alliance to stimulate thought and encourage action in minimising waste, eliminating pollutants and maximising the reuse of resources in the economy worldwide.

We recognise that the time to act is now. PREVENT is perfectly positioned to lead the world in green initiatives that help the environment by solving the endemic waste problem, create local and international jobs and raise living standards.

Not only do we want a circular economy where recycled plastic constantly flows around a ‘closed loop’ system, rather than being used once and then discarded.
We will permanently recycle plastic into long life building products as this will reduce the size of the “washing machine”. Without this the “washing machine” will only get larger, apart from one other option; this is to stop the production of virgin polymers and this is not foreseeable in the near future.

If on average plastics last 700 years and most polymers can only be recycled 7 times over before their molecular structure is too week, should we not be manufacturing recycled products with a life span of 100 years?